OOOooooo Exciting.

I have been sorting through the lampwork tutorials so I can have a go at new techniques thing is I have a habit of collecting tutorials and not trying them out.   I am getting bored of the beads that I do at the moment and I think that could be one of the reasons I have not been torching so much so I am going to try these tutorials I have a few Emma Baird ones and a Sally Carver one I want to try also a gorgeous Nelli Rees one too.   So if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks you know why lols.

Don’t forget the prize draw I have going for 1000 likers on my business page on facebook here make sure you comment on the Yayy its friday post please make sure you comment on that link to be entered there is only a few hours left and at the moment its between 4 people.

Also don’t forget to look on my vickiesbeads site for the new stock that arrived last week. I have an order ready to go for next week which will be exciting.   One thing I would like to know from you guys thoug

What colour findings do you use the most?

What size and shape beads do you prefer?

Would you like to see seedbeads on vickiesbeads or do you think enough sites sell it so leave well alone?

I will look forward to you comments on the above questions. 🙂



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