New beads being made.

Well its half term and I am trying to get time on the torch  ***sigh*** kids are bored nothing to do and things they would like to do cost ££’s.

I have made some beads the weekend here are a few pics of them

I had a bit of a slow start with the bead making as I broke my regulator eeeek but soon got it fixed and sorted and made those beads above just grabbed what was on the work desk and made something.

Vickiesbeads stock is due in on the 20th of February

here are a few pictures of stock due in.

A selection of Abacus beads in size8mm x 6 mm

Selection of bronze charms, 8mm facetted beads, 13mm twisted beads and 4mm round beads.  Just a few bits and pieces as you can see lol.   I can’t wait for them to come and have a play with some of the items will be fun.

Right off to crash mario on Wii mario carts try and entertain the kids a bit while they are off school.



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