Announcement of new Venture yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Frit Addiction is the name of my new venture, plenty of frit to feed lampworkers addictions.

I absolutely love frit! I have pots and pots of the stuff and I am sure many lampworkers do too.  The problem I find with the frit I have is it’s all Coe 96.

If you’re not a lampworker/glass worker I can hear you say what is COE ?? Full word is Coefficient of Expansion

Basically it means different glass, like Effetre, CiM, Borosilicate, Reichenbach etc all have different hardness/softness and expand in different ways when heated.  If you mix different COE you can end up with cracks or broken pieces this is because the COE of the different glasses are not compatible.

So that means most of us lampworkers that use a lot of 104 glass have to follow a 5% rule when using the COE 96 frit. (5% frit to the size piece you are making) I have found with some frit I would love to pile it on but sadly do not want my bead or focal cracking.

So I have decided to specialize and make my own frit and blends with 104 COE.  I have heard people say that the colours of 104 frit are insipid and you can’t get the colour vibrance of the 96 COE frit.  Depending on what colours and blends are used, that can be true but that’s because some people are still following the 5% rule. If you are using effetre, CiM and some 104 reichenbach you do not need to follow the 5% rule just pile it on and have some fun and see what you can do with it.  As this glass is 104 Coe there is no incompatibility so you will not get any cracks as if you were using the 96 coe frit or any other coe you may have.

I am still waiting on my website to be sorted so I can start doing my own touches to it, so in the meantime have opened an etsy shop.

My Etsy shop Frit addiction

I will be listing some more frit in the week as I am waiting on more supplies.

I didn’t just think ooo I will make some frit and then sell it. I have had 8 testers all with different techniques and experience using the frit and showing their results you will be able to see them on my facebook page.

Facebook page Frit addiction

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my testers in no particular order.

Claire Morris

Lesley Jane

Tania Grey

Debbie Dew

Sue Simmons

Jeanette Fletcher

Ruth Harrison

Caroline Dewison

Without your help and suggestions and testing this would not have been possible.

Thank you xx

Below you will find some pictures of some of the frit blends and some of the pictures taken by my testers to show their results when using the frit.


By Ruth Harrison

By Jeanette Fletcher

By Lesley Jane

On dark ivory by Debbie Dew

Gentle waters

By Claire Morris

By Ruth Harrison

On dark ivory by Debbie Dew


By Tania Grey

On dark ivory by Debbie Dew


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