Website now live.

Yes is now live and stocked with some of the blends I have.  I have some blends being tested and hoping to get some results later on today if they are ok then I will be listing them too.

I have or hoping to do 10g sample bags, 30g and 50g bags for all blends.  I did consider doing jars too but with the postal rates they way they are I thought it was better to do bags cheaper for us all and you can get more per envelope.  There are 2 different size frits size 1 which is approx 0.05mm – 2mm and size 0 which is up to 0.05mm approx size.  There will also be powders for sale too that is left from fritting the glass. I am having the powder tested at the moment to see if it will be ok to use also a friend who enamels is testing it too.   So watch this space 😉

I will be hoping to do single colours too as well as blends. If you have any ideas for blends let me know and I will see what I can do.


Yes for 2 weeks only I will be having a 25% sale on my vickesbeads website. If you are like me this weather is getting you down it certainly is me.   So to try and cheer us all up I am having a sale so you can all stock up on your items to do your projects  while keeping dry.   All beads and findings on the website including my lampwork beads.

Right thats all for today happy shopping and I hope you are not all soaked and too flooded xx



Long time no see …. I have a favour to ask please read on.

Has you all know I run vickiesbeads well I have applied for some funding of £300 but in order to get it I need 300 votes basically £1 a vote I get. I have stock in the basket at my suppliers all ready in the hope I get the votes. :).

Basically all you need to do is register ( there is an option you can click so you don’t get emails off them )and click vote then on the comments below I would like you to leave a comment to say you have voted. Once I have all my votes and the funding I will put all the names in a hat and the winner will get a Selection of beads and findings worth £20.  This is just to say thank you for your vote and also for your continued support and that its very much appreciated.

Here is the link

Right that is the important stuff done LOL.

You may have noticed I have been  a bit quiet on the facebook , forum and group front well I am taking a bit of a step back as I think I am spending wayyyyyyy too much time on the net you know what its like lols, you start checking emails and then checking this and finding out what happened to so and so commission etc… before you know it most of a good day as gone.

Anyways yesterday I went to sort out some glass rods to do some torching today.  I was confronted with a right mess colours all mixied up and some labals missing and getting very confused which glass was what. So remembering what someone had said I washed all the glass rods as I had not torched in a while and they were very dusty and some felt a bit yuk ( my studio is in the kitchen) and after washing I labelled every single rod.

This was just the effetre glass and not all of it as 6 other colours were soaking. ooops

Then after that was all done and I did all the creation is messy glass I cleaned down my side the kiln got a hoover everything was put back

I even put them back in some kind of order pinks in one square, green in another , blues etc… CiM have their own little grouping. It was very very theraputic to be honest lol.  I found glass I forgot I had oops, also some bundles were not even opened just slung on the rack.   I will be saving up for those drain pipe tubes the small ones I think that will be better for me but in time.

My new website if you do not know is now up and running The Pamper Pixie The site designed and created by the lovely Donna at Blue punk dog . Take a look the site is updated daily for new stock.

The new stock for this week are egg bath bombs perfect for a pamper maybe get yourself some scented candles and just lay there eyes closed and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   well thats if you can lol I know its the easter holidays.

Anyways I am going to sort out my brood and make sure they are not up to anything as they are being veeeeery quiet.

So please if you have the time vote for me it will be much appreciated.